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Testimonials for Business Recovery Specialists

Two testimonials from Accountants who referred their clients to us. 

Here at Business Recovery Specialists, there are two main ways that businesses come to us for help and advice. Firstly there are those that come direct. Typically they find us through a Google search or know of us by reputation. Secondly, we often receive referrals from accountants. This happens when it becomes clear that their client needs the specialist support we can give. This article features two testimonials from accountants who referred their clients to us.

What these Accountants had to say about our services

The first accountant said:

“We always receive fabulous service from what can only be described as a dedicated and highly professional team of Insolvency and Business Recovery Specialists. Our clients get practical and pragmatic advice and assistance to help them navigate through difficult business circumstances or business failure. 

 The team of Business Recovery Specialists at P&A make the unpleasant experience of business failure or financial hardship for a client a palatable and painless process, often giving them a rescue option to continue their business life.”

The second accountant said:

“They provide significant help to those of our clients who are at the point of assessing how/if to proceed with their businesses.   With the help of the team of Business Recovery Specialists at P&A many a venture has managed to navigate difficult times and come out the other side. Sometimes it is terminal, but dealt with in a human, practical and as “painless as possible” manner.   Always looking to get the best solution for the client, the team are ideal to have as part of your key support network.”

Testimonials such as these are hugely important to us. They show what our peers think of the service that we provide. We’re always happy to put potential new clients in touch with the accountants who have provided us with testimonials.

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Our Work as Business Recovery Specialists

Both of these testimonials demonstrate our approach; we always try to find ways to help a business in difficulty to recover. So, if a business is suffering because of cash flow problems, creditor pressure, HMRC arrears, difficulties funding and/or finance, or perhaps a combination of some or all these, our aim is to find a solution to get things back on track.

Contact us or call us on 0333 222 8065 if your business is experiencing difficulties and needs help and advice to turn things around. The sooner you contact us, the more we will be able to do.